1962 1962 Neckar Weinsberg Coupé


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  • Car now with Swiss collector
  • Discovered in Alicante car park
  • One of 5 RHD cars
  • Total restoration by Italclassic

    Neckar (formerly NSU/Fiat) was the German distributor for Fiat from 1929-1970. Apart from standard Fiat cars, the company also produced some small series cars unique to Neckar. The Weinsberg was Neckar´s version of the Fiat 500D, available both as a saloon and a coupe. About 5000 were produced of both versions, and fewer than 50 are known to survive.

    This car is one of only 5 RHD coupés known to exist. It isn´t actually known who sold these cars in UK, or how many, but we suppose almost none. This car was originally sold in Jersey, and at some point was embargoed by Spanish customs in Alicante. It was sold at auction to well-known Alicante collector, Eugenio Martin Rubio, who had a talent for finding unusual cars. Eugenio never restored the car, and sold it on in 2009.

    The restoration at Italclassic took 18 months, 2014-5. Mechanically, most parts are Fiat 500, and everything was replaced or rebuilt in the process. Other parts, such as the stainless trim, rear windscreen, and sunroof are unique to the car and had to made by hand.

    The car was finished to concours standards and is now in the hands of a Swiss collector, who has managed to aquire 8 Weinsbergs from the 50+ survivors known.

    Thanks to Marcos Blastor for the bodywork and fabrication, Bodychapa for the paint and Axel Springer for the mechanical spare parts.

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